Pentecost varsity, NGO organise motivation workshop.

Mr. Norman Cooper,Assistan Editor of Spectator of the New Times Corporation receiving his certificate from Mrs.Baum.With them is Professor Oman Antwi.

Mr. Norman Cooper,Assistan Editor of Spectator of the New Times Corporation receiving his certificate from Mrs.Baum.With them is Professor Omane Antwi.

The Pentecost University College, Graduate School, in collaboration with Inspirational International Cooperation (ICC), an international NGO, yesterday organised a day’s workshop for selected groups, in Accra.

The workshop held on the theme “Motivation and work commitment,” brought together participants from Pentecost University College, the Pentecost Church and its affiliate organisations and staff of New Times Corporation.

Mrs Carina Baum, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ICC explored areas, which related to workforce motivation and how best to create that inspiration from within an individual.

There was open conversation through questions and answers about best practices, which motivate and commit the worker to performing beyond expectation. Certificates were awarded to each participant.

Mrs. Baum said commitment and motivation could best be exemplified through the personification of the State of Israel.

She said despite the many challenges the Jewish State had to face, both economically and politically with her immediate neighbours, the country had made success in both political and economic transformation.

Mrs. Baum asked workers to venture into uncharted areas which might prove a worthy cause in tandem with organisational objectives saying, “fear has two meanings.  It is either you forget everything and run or face everything and rise. Therefore the choice is yours”.

She asked participants to identify their strengths and weaknesses, understand their passions, skills, temperament and limitations to be able to achieve their objectives.

“A major key to success is to recognise your achievements, be aware of your weaknesses while always being ready to learn and improve,” Mrs. Baum said.

Prof. Kwame Bosiako Omane-Antwi, Dean of Graduate School of the University College, said human resource management was one of the difficult areas in an organisation because the sector deals directly in managing the human ego in the face and perceives intimidation and favouritism.

He asked companies and organisations to manage those in leadership positions to manage the human resource department well.

Prof. Omane-Antwi said there was the need to translate will power into a high degree of hard work to achieve the objectives of organisations.

By Lawrence Markwei      


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