Peaceful co-existence needed in the North

At a time when more resources are needed alongside good planning to ensure economic growth and improvement in the welfare of people, certain individuals and groups are also involved in reprisal attacks on each other to the detriment of a much-needed peaceful co-existence in various parts of the country.

Such attacks and counter attacks between communities create unbearable hardships on the people in the areas concerned.  Apart from the destruction of lives and properties, the affected areas do not experience the kind of peace needed for socio-economic devolvement.

As a result of this unpleasant development, people continue to live in fear resulting in total slow-down of educational activity and also matters relating to healthcare and growth of food for people in the area.

The concern expressed by the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSES) that a joint police/military personnel needed to be deployed to Naaduni and surrounding communities in the Chereponi District to intensify patrol and surveillance to advert any mishap, shows that the people in the area are not secure due to their own self-inflicted disagreements and conflicts.

It is difficult to understand why people resort to violent ways of resolving conflicts instead of going the peaceful way to dialogue with each other and maintaining peace in their areas.  Peaceful dialogue in any situation is the way forward, no matter what.

The Regional Minister and Chairman of REGSEC have explained that the violent conflicts in his area were draining the scarce resources meant for development. He, therefore, made a passionate appeal to all, especially the chiefs, opinion leaders and also assembly members to support the REGSEC to bring such conflicts under control.

Indeed, as a people, we cannot eat our cake and have it. For this reason, if we waste all resources on conflict resolution to the neglect of building up our society, there will be nothing left for us after such disturbances. This means that resources that are always limited in relation to our needs must be used judiciously so that they will go to the benefit of the people in the area.

The time has come for various communities in the country to show respect to each other and resolve to discuss issues in a peaceful manner so that much attention will be focused on the developmental agenda. Sadly, after fighting to destroy each other, such communities turn back to the central government to appeal for resources to help them develop their areas.

This is not good enough on the part of such communities. Any community that stands for development must stop engaging itself in such senseless conflicts and rather concentrate on sustaining the development agenda for their people.

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