Peace, Ghana’s Ultimate Desire

Holy-Bible21 “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith, one may edify another” (Romans 14:19). In A.D. 59 (about 28 years) after the death of  Jesus Christ, Paul was in Corinth, and when he heard about the state of the Roman Church he had laboured to establish, wrote a letter to them, related to them about heresy and division that were creeping into the Church, hence the admonishment. Paul foresaw the cost of the division and had to write to the people before it was too late.

He was aware that division comes along with the following: Nepotism,despotictendencies, segregation, conflict, animosity and interpersonal tensions. Paul took a very important step to write to forewarn them.

Lessons which are drawn from such an important letter are equally important for Ghana at such a time, at a time we are waiting for the outcome of the court case.

Experience teaches that divisions, segregation, conflicts and interpersonal tensions and others are caused by the following:
1. Influence of Satan. Never allow yourself to be used as a tool to instigate others to talk evil about the outcome of the court case.

2. By the attitudes, and actions of people. Be calm and accept the court case in good faith.

3. Group attitudes, and expectation. If yourexpectation fail, do not worry, today is for somebody, and tomorrow shall be for you.

4. Fear of losing. If you have committed yourself to a group or a party in any way, understand that changes in life are necessary, and they come when they should.

5. Good Communication. Communicate to people you know to remain calm after the final outcome of the court case. Avoidance of conflict and tensions For the avoidance of conflict, and tension, let us all accept the final judgement of the Supreme Court case and be united; for the teeth and the tongue at times bite each other but still remain at the same place.

Division is a canker; it brings misunderstanding, hatred, segregation, hostility, etc. Almost all Ghanaians are praying, crying, dreaming, and looking for peace. What can we do as Ghanaians to make our wish come true? We do not have to be ignorant about what has happened to other countries, we have to educate, pray, consider our heritage, liberty, socio- economic systems, etc.

Ignorance constitutes an  obstacle to the pursuit of peace. What happened in Burundi, Rwanda, La Cote D’voire, and elsewhere are enough lessons teaching us that divisions that bring  about war is from the devil, and nobody should allow the devil to use him or her.
We live at a time of critical challenge to our destiny as one people. We must not allow partisan politics to destroy our course of freedom and justice.

A leader can influence his people to do good or evil. A leader can misguide his followers. On the other hand, a leader can guide his people to do what is right.

I am humbly pleading with all in leadership positions, functioning at the national, regional, district, local levels or performing political, administrative, economic, social, educational, or any other leadership role, to assemble her people, educate them to accept the outcome of the Supreme Court case.

Individuals also have duties to ensure that their next door neighbour is ready to accept the outcome of the court case. Any attempt to bring confusion would adversely or injuriously affect the liberty and freedom of the Ghanaian. Our socio-economic system would be destroyed. Businesses would be destroyed, production would cease, and hunger would set in. This is a situation we are not dreaming of. A situation we vehemently abhor.

It has taken individuals a long time to acquire properties in this country, and if we allow Satan, the enemy to destroy us, through misunderstanding, division and war, individuals, and co-operate bodies shall come back to square one. People would have to start life afresh, or all over again.

This is a crucial moment for Ghana as a nation. Let us not be influenced by anybody.  Political differences already exist, and differences are divine artistry of creation. Let us not inflame passions to cause people to react in a manner that would adversely affect the Ghanaian.
Without fear, talk to those on the streets, those at the market places, advocate peace wherever you find yourself. Never allow yourself to be used as a tool in the hands of the devil to turn the destiny of Ghana.

In July 1874, the Gold Coast became a British colony, and in March 1957, the Gold Coast won its independence from the British and renamed our country Ghana. For almost eighty three years our nation was under colonial rule. Twenty six  later, there were several fire outbreaks and the nation experienced untold famine and hunger. From 1983 – 2013, is a period of thirty years, that is one generation.

A generation is a significant period of time, and we must do everything possible to make sure that the next generation and the subsequent generations enjoy the peace we have enjoyed.

The next generation includes pregnant women, breast feeding children, school going children, students, young men young women, and many others. Please, remain calm after the court verdict, but start praying now.

I humbly urge the Seventh-day Adventist Church, The Christian Council, Ghana Pentecostal Council, the Federation of Muslims and the Ahmadiyya Mission and all others to enjoin their members to pray. It is time to forsake our evil ways, and fast for peace, and the prince of peace will breathe peace upon the nation.

Peace in Ghana is the ultimate desire for all Ghanaians. Let us unite and find voice and time to pray before the verdict is given. Just as Nineveh found peace with God, so can we find peace with God through prayers.

Let us turn from our evil ways; Let drunkards stop drinking, let adulterous and fornicators stop it, let those seeking after their fortunes stop, let all run away from our evil ways as we seek the face of God. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 says “if my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
Let the whole nation seek the face of God through fasting and prayers, let every house do that. Let all pray to God from every corner of the country, the blind, the lame, the student, the worker, the self- employed, the unemployed, the aged, the youth etc.

The destiny of the nation is at stake and Ghanaians everywhere, around the globe (all the world over) desire peace to reign supreme in Ghana. Let us close our hearts and ears to every disturbing influence and open our hearts to God to rest peace upon the nation.

Research indicates that currently, Ghana is the  third most peaceful country in Africa. Botswana, is the first and Malawi, is the second. How can we allow Satan to use his agents to destroy our nation in the name of partisan politics? There is no place like Ghana.

Circumstances may bring confusion at times, which may seem to separate us,  but no circumstance should lead us to destroy ourselves. We are a people of one nation, one government, and one destiny.

The NDC and the NPP live in the same house, interact with each other, eat together, attend family meetings together, inter-marry. Of course, people belonging to the two parties are not enemies.

What then could result in a sudden change of attempt to destroy each other? If one party wins today, another party could win tomorrow. Let us, therefore, accept the outcome of the court case in good fate, for the  progression of the journey of peace.

Our prayer is that God must be with the judges and strengthen them. Ghanaians must accept the final verdict, and hold our tongues to avoid slander, speak gently, listen carefully, and think before we talk. We shall by these measures, resist the devil from creating hostility to divide us. Let us hold on to the Prince of peace to give us the peace we so desire. May God bless Ghana. - Pastor George

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