Peace Council condemns clashes

????????The National Peace Council has condemned the recent acts of violence and provocative confrontations between supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic party (NPP).

According to the Council, “the growing politically-motivated hooliganism between the supporters casts a slur on the nation’s hard-earned democratic credentials and image”.

The Council called on supporters of the political parties to exercise caution and circumspection as they embark on activities to promote the virtues of their parties.

Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday, The Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante, the Chairman, said the Council was deeply concerned about the continuing confrontations that were increasing the state of tension leading up to the December polls.

He said the acts should awaken all Ghanaians that electoral violence was possible in the country, adding that it was prudent to appreciate the political diversity existing in the country, avoid provocation and exercise restraint.

“The current level and spate of violent clashes between the NDC and NPP have the potential to foul the political atmosphere during and after the elections. Let us rather work together to achieve peace and justice that will facilitate sustainable development of our nation”, Rev. Prof. Asante stressed.

To consolidate the gains made over the years in sustaining peace and security before, during and after the  elections, the Chairman explained that the Council, in collaboration with the National House of Chiefs and the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG), would hold a high-level meeting with all stakeholders at the University of Ghana.

The meeting, first held in November 2012, was to bring leaders together to reason and provide collective and non-partisan leadership in addressing critical challenges to the nation’s democratic stability, peace and unity.

Rev. Prof. Asante said the meeting would launch the process of constituting the collective national leadership and mobilising broad-based public support to promote clean elections and zero tolerance for rigged elections.

The meeting, he said, would also promote the adoption of a roadmap to sustain post elections political dialogue and consensus on strategic reforms vital to strengthening democracy as well as engage the political parties and the Presidential candidates on the re-affirmation of their commitment to the “Kumasi Peace Pact”.

To realise the maximum impact, proceedings of the meeting would be broadcast live on the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s (GBC) channels from 2 pm on Wednesday.


By Claude Nyarko Adams




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