Pay your taxes or face punitive measures – GRA warns businesses

Mr Yakubu Abdul-Mumin,(inset) addressing stakeholders at the workshop. Photo Seth Osabukle

Mr Yakubu Abdul-Mumin,(inset) addressing stakeholders at the workshop. Photo Seth Osabukle

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has urged business operators to expedite the payment of taxes to avoid sanctions and punitive measures that could disrupt the growth of the venture.

Mr. Yakubu Abdul-Mumin, Head, Nima Small Taxpayers Office, GRA, who made the call on the sidelines of a day’s tax education workshop in Accra said, prompt payment was necessary to avert undue harassment meted out by officials of the GRA taskforce for late payment or evasion.

“As its required by the law, tax paying is compulsory for all citizens. Evading or delaying payment attracts sanctions. If an entity pays to the GRA what is expected, the business can go on without the day to day pressures. Let’s all endeavour to pay on time to avoid the harsh sanctions that would be imposed,” he said.

Organised on the theme, “Know your tax obligation”, the workshop brought together resource persons of the GRA and taxpayers within the Nima district to discuss salient issues in the VAT Act 870 and the Act 896 Revenue Administration Act 2016 (Act 915).

The platform was also used to discuss filing of returns, tax relief, record keeping and rent tax.

The GRA, he said, was focused on educating tax payers on the need and compliance processes of the tax regulations as stipulated in the Revenue Act.

“The law is a living document. Day in, day out, it is amended, either in a form of repeal or an addition. This means tax payers must be made aware of the new provisions. If the GRA does not sensitise the public on the need to honour tax obligations, no agency or institution would do that for us,” Mr. Abdul-Mumin noted.

He said despite some extreme sanctions including the closing down and lock-up of offices by the GRA in recent situations, the outfit would continue to open its doors to the public who need information and clarification.



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