Pastor laments over indecent dressing among Christians

The Tema Meridian Presbytery Synod Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Chur-ch, Ghana, Reverend Wisdom Selormey Kwame Alorvi, has bemoaned the act of indecent dressing in the country, especially among Christians.

He said although much had been done to reverse the trend, there was evidence of such negative acts in some churches which he said undermined the dignity bestowed on humanity by God.

Rev. Alorvi who was speaking on the theme, “Truth and Holiness” at a crusade organised by the Tema Meridian Presbytery ‘hadzihaga” (Great Choir) at the Nukunu E.P Church at Ningo, stressed that the time had come for Christians to re-examine themselves and live lives worthy of truth and holiness.

He advised ministers of the gospel to focus more on discipleship and salvation when preaching to their members, to inculcate spiritual discipline in Christians and make them more conscious of their way of life and positively affect the lives of others in society.

He urged the clergy to always preach the unadulterated word of God to the congregation to show them the truth and the right path to holiness.

He noted that decent dressing and utterances were some of the major hallmarks of Christians and that those qualities ought to reflect in their lives and portray them as true Christians.

He, however, called on the clergy to intensify the crusade against attitudes that tended to tarnish the image of Christendom.

He said Christians should adopt the flawless code of conduct set forth by God in the Bible and commit themselves to the discipleship of Christ.

The president of the Meridian Presbytery “Hadzihaga” (Great Choir), Roseline Mawuenam Kumasewu, speaking to The Ghanaian Times said the crusade was in response to the Lord’s mandate of the Great Commission and that the objective of preaching and making disciples for Christ, could not only be achieved through song ministrations as a choir but also by moving to places to propagate the word of God.

She said the crusade, which was under the theme “Go make disciples,” was borne out of the observation of the low membership of the Nukunu E.P Church, while she believed that unbelievers who needed salvation and the grace of God were out there hence the decision to storm the streets and homes of the indigenes of Ningo to win souls for Christ to revitalise the church.

Roseline Kumasewu revealed that 150 people accepted Christ and were baptised after the four-day crusade and expressed the hope that they would not backslide and depart from the word of God.

The presbytery facilitator, Reverend G. Owen Datsa, said “the objective of the crusade cannot be achieved if our lives do not portray the message itself,” adding that “our personal moral uprightness and our personal witness should bear the hallmark of saved souls”.

The Tema District Pastor of the E.P Church, Reverend Hanson Gbotsyo, advised that the poverty level in Africa should not drive people into establishing churches as commercial ventures but rather rely on God and work hard for a sustainable living.

He called on all Christians to re-assess themselves and endeavour to accomplish the mission of Christ.

From Ken Afedzi, Ningo

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