THE National Peace Council is determined to discharge the responsibility entrusted to it, by ensuring that the nation enjoys peace before, during and after the general elections slated for November 7.

It has so far, exhibited its independence and spoken out on issues pertaining to the election.

The Ghanaian Times reported yesterday,  a statement made by its chairman, the Right-Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante, on the recent limited voters registration exercise, in which he chastised the political parties over some of the challenges encountered during the exercise.

The Rt.-Rev. Asante was unequivocal in his assertion that the political parties do not have the moral right to blame the Electoral Commission (EC) over the existence of minors in the voters register.

This, to us, is the truth because the political parties are the culprits as far as the issue of minors’ registration is concerned.

It is well known that the parties, particularly the major ones, in their desire to have advantage over each other, have been adopting tricks to get the voters register bloated with names of unqualified people.

In such circumstances, it is morally wrong for officials of the parties to turn around to blame the EC for the action.

As the Peace Council chairman stated, it smacks of hypocracy for them to attempt to place the blame at the doorstep of the EC.

The Times believes that every Ghanaian has the responsibility to ensure that the register is credible.

We, thus, exhort all, particularly the political parties, to assist the EC in its efforts to clean the register of unqualified persons, so that the elections would be devoid of the problems which often arose over undesirable people voting.



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