Parties cautioned against empowering vigilante groups

Mr BoafoChief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Public Sector Reforms, Thomas Kusi Boafo has condemned the actions of vigilante groups affiliated to political parties.
He wondered why political parties would encourage the formation of groups known as vigilantes but their actions show otherwise, the hooliganism of the groups have rippling effect on progress of the economy and should be discouraged in order to maintain peace and order.

Recounting how the vigilante groups behave, Mr Boafo noted that “the groups are strategic and will use any means to achieve their goals and I blame political parties for behaviour of the groups because it is unnecessary to keep empowering them.”

“Since the groups know they have the backing of the government or a political party, they keep perpetuating violence but political parties can help disband them and the leadership of the parties to address the issue as it is a major concern to the nation due to their irrelevance to national development.

“Should the vigilante groups be given the leeway to operate, as a hungry lion, they will one day turn against their masters, but hopeful the nation’s leaders heed my call to disband the groups since they don’t help but only to cause chaos,” Mr Boafo cautioned. –

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