Ghanaians are stunned, but not surprised at the bribery scandal that has hit Parliament. Unfortunate indeed!

One thinks in this very formative life of a new government, the era of accusations of bribery and corruption would be on the back burner, but what are we hearing? The twin ugly menace has reared its ugly head again, and has as its target, the august House of the legislature.

The Parliamentary Vetting Committee, from what we are observing on TV, has been going about its duties to the admiration of all.

Infact, the questions coming from members to the nominees are not only trilling, but indepth, exhaustive and probing. And the answers of nominees have been cogent, precise and creditable.

Indeed, to some extent, it goes to prove that the claim of the party in power that they have the men and women is no fluke.

The nominees have really dazzled! So where from this scandal, if true?

One critical anchor of our democracy is Parliament. Our whole lives are derivative from the law parliamentarians enact for us. So they need not fail us.

We want to continue living in harmony with each other as Ghanaians, and play our expected roles as the pacesetters in Africa without any internal hitch or hindrance.

Ghanaians should not be said to be united only when the national team, The Black Stars is playing a tournament. We can do better than this.

And whom do we look up to for this assurance of peace? It is our men and women in the legislature.

They, and they only can guarantee us the absolute peace we need, to enable us go about our everyday duties.

In the light of this, we entreat our legislators to live above board, as young ones are looking up to them as role models in whose shoes they would step when the call and time come.

We, therefore, urge the leadership of the House to delve deeply into the claims and counter-claims, allegations and counter-allegations of bribery and save this country from falling into an abyss.

Ghana must work; Ghana must move forward. And we want our legislators to facilitate this. Anything short of this would not be entertained.

We look forward to Parliament to set up a by-partisan committee, to investigate the allegation and share the findings with the public.

There have been several corruption allegations against Parliament in the past and the latest scandal should provide an opportunity for the august House, to cause a thorough investigation into the matter in order to unearth the truth.

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