Parents urged to invest in books

Parents have been urged to buy books for their wards to enable them to have a better learning experience.

According to Mrs. Brenda Attuquayefio, Headmistress of Tesano 1 Primary and Kindergarten School, most children begin the academic year without books which makes learning difficult for them.Mrs. Attuquayefio was speaking at the Fourth Speech and Prize Giving Day ceremony of the school in Accra, on the theme, “Education for cleanliness and healthy development.”

She said that the books remain a necessity, without which pupils would not be able to learn effectively, and therefore urged parents to invest in books and stop using poverty as an excuse.

On the issue of hygiene, she said that it was essential to imbibe in children the habit of cleanliness in order for them to adopt personal hygiene at the tender age.

She explained that when it is being taught at the tender age, it would have a direct impact on the child’s health and wellbeing.

“When parents teach their children hand washing, brushing of teeth and bathing at a tender age, they pick these habits faster. I urge you to be role models for your children,” she said.

Delali Korku Ayivi, Assemblyman for Apenkwa Electoral Area, urged the pupils to be ambassadors of good sanitation not only in school but in their homes and communities.

Through that, he said they would be able to teach other children and even approach adults when they see them dispose off rubbish in the wrong way.

He urged them to study hard in order for them to become prominent personalities in future.

As part of the event, certificates of graduation were presented to pupils of Kindergarten one and Class six. The pupils also entertained parents with traditional dance, poetry recital, choreography and drama.

By Emelia Enyonam Kuleke

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