Parents must begin to invest in the next level of education—Mawuko Afadzinu

Mr Afadzinu

Mr Afadzinu

Now is the time for parents and guardians to invest in the future of their children’s education by investing in good educational insurance policies, Mawuko Afadzinu, Head of Marketing and Communications, Stanbic Bank has said.

“Because a lot more people are going through at the secondary level now freely, preparations for the tertiary and the higher levels ought to start today because the burden of secondary school has been taken off you, you ought to start planning for tertiary now,” he said.

He said it was in this direction that the bank introduced an insurance policy to help parents invest in the future of the children.

The bank in partnership with Metropolitan Life Ghana last year launched Education Plan product (Edu Plan),an educational insurance  policy to allow parents to invest in the future of their children.
Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra to clarify why some employees dressed in school uniforms last week Friday which went viral on social media with some commentators alleging that the move by the employees was an endorsement of the government’s free SHS policy he said “it was only organised to engage with its clients and educate them on the insurance policy.

“It is part of an engagement and a conversation we are having with parents and guardians and we are speaking on the need for us to start preparing and creating opportunities for our children right from today,” he said.

“Our future starts now and that is what we are projecting in the branches all across the country just to let everyone who loves their children know that they can create opportunities, they can create avenues for their children to be the best possible they can be in life, by making the right investments,”  he said.

Mr. Afadzinu said: “This particular activation started a couple of weeks ago and another interaction took place last week. Activations are a way of life for us because we believe in connecting with our communities.”

He said with the expansion of access to education it was important that parents invest in their children’s future by making use of the bank’s insurance policy to prepare for the next level of education.

He said there was the need for parents to see education as the key to achieving one’s goals in life and invest in it now.








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