Parents caught for child trafficking will be dealt with – Otiko Djaba

Ms. Otiko Djaba, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection

Ms. Otiko Djaba, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection

The Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Otiko Afisa Djaba has stated that parents who will be caught giving out their children to be trafficked will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

“There is no justification for parents to continue giving out their children to be trafficked unconsciously, therefore, recalcitrant parents caught trafficking their children will be made to face the law accordingly,” she said.

Ms Djaba was addressing a gathering of chiefs and people of Senya Bereku in the Awutu Berekeu West District of the Central Region on Sunday to commemorate the United Nations Day against Human Trafficking.

On the theme, “Stakeholders, Unite to End Human Trafficking, Take Action Now, the gathering converged on the forecourt of the Fort Good Hope, one of the many colonial habitats dotted along the coastline of the country where hundreds of Ghanaians were kept before being trafficked to the US during the era of slave trade.

The awareness creation day is set aside to conscientise people against child trafficking as the UN estimates that over a million people are trafficked across the globe with Africa and Asia being the most vulnerable to the illegal trade.
The Gender Minister said government had taken a strong stance against child trafficking and would fight it till it was uprooted.

Ms Otiko Djaba said the interventions being introduced by the government leaves parents with no reason to allow their wards to embark on perilous journeys under the guise of greener pastures.

According to Ms Otiko, the one district one factory, free Senior High School policy and the one million dollars per constituency policy, among other interventions, should answer the reasons why parents should not give out their children unconsciously to traffickers.

She said the reasons for the actions of the parents were as a result of lack of jobs and livelihoods to cater for their children and explained that the interventions were meant to create jobs and empower parents economically to be able to cater for their children.

Ms Otiko said government was adopting the protection, prevention, prosecution and partnership (the 4Ps strategy) to tackle the menace and called on all concerned to help the government end the crime, which she described as “wicked, cruel and the most heinous crime to be perpetrated against human race.”

Member of Parliament for the area, George Nenyi Andah, on his part said the practice which is entrenched in the area, a fishing community, is a “modern day slavery which must be stopped before it takes away the future of our young children.”

Pointing to Fort Good Hope, Mr Andah said the horrific tales of slave trade with the venue of the gathering being one of the exit points for hundreds of Africans shipped to the US, should serve as a demotivational factor for parents to give out their children to people who will come with juicy promises to take their children away.

The Acting Paramount Chief of the Senya Traditional Council, Nenyi Kwamena Nkwanta II said the area was the worst affected, by way of child trafficking, because of abject poverty situations that push parents to give out their children and urged government to provide them with conditions that will empower parents economically.


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