Packaging of local delicacies receive boost

packaging pixPackaging has been identified as one of the major reasons for the failure of locally manufactured goods to compete favourably with imported ones.

That has negatively affected the ability of local products to compete with imported ones on both the domestic and international markets.

To help change the situation the producers of Indomie Noodles, De United Foods Industries have introduced yet another product onto the Ghanaian market, this time a snack called Minimie Chinchin locally called ‘atsomor’.

Chinchin or ‘atsomor’ is sweet crunchy donut-like baked wheat dough that comes handy as snack for all ages.

It is usually kneaded and cut into small squares of about a quarter of an inch thick.

Minimie Chinchin is well packaged and prepared under standard manufacturing conditions which allows consumers to enjoy a delicacy in hygienic and convenient packs.

It also provides quality, and nutritious ready-to-eat snacks for the lunch boxes of children and people on the move.

De United Foods Industries have held a number of well-patronaised product sampling events at designated outlets in Accra, to introduce the new product to the public.

Shoppers at Accra Mall,and commuters at various traffic prone areas such as toll booths and intersections relished the opportunity of enjoying a well packaged local delicacy.

Speaking to Journalists at one of the product sampling in Accra, Brands Manager, Shine AkiemTorsoo, said Ghana and many African countries boast of very savory snacks which were losing out to their foreign counterparts because of the unhygienic handling, and the conditions under which they are sold.

He said not only were they losing out to even the indigenes, but could also not get onto the shelves let alone be exported.

“This trend will mean that soon some of these delicacies would become extinct unless they are also packaged to compete effectively. But the likes of De United Foods Industries are determined to promote such delicacies,” he said.

Mr. Torsoo, said the introduction of mimie chinchin was just one of the many such local delicacies that would be on the markets across the West African sub-region and beyond.

By Times Reporter

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