Our Poor Girls Need The Sanitary Pads

padNOTHING is more symbolic of all that is wrong with our society, than our propensity to mock at, and turn very important national issues into mockery.

We often turn important national discussions into trivialities, reduce their significance and eventually dump them. Nothing is seen in its own clear perspective, and discussed dispassionately in the country.

Worse still, some national issues become people’s nicknames and go viral on social media, such that their relevance is completely lost on all of us.

The Times is particularly disappointed in sections of the public which have poured scorn on the government’s decision to use part of the World Bank loan of the Secondary Education Improvement Project to procure sanitary pads for schools girls, into a joke.

We find it particularly offensive that trainee nurses, majority of who are young women, have joined the fray, ridiculing and mocking the government for proposing to provide the sanitary pads for poor school girls.

We are also appalled with the pronouncements on the issue by the protesters, who while demanding their fair share of development in their area, say they do not need pads for their girls, but projects.

For us, it is scandalous for anybody to trivialise issues in such a manner and seek to mock an otherwise good initiative.

If as the government explained, the decision to supply the pads was taken with the poor in mind, then why are we making mockery of the initiative?

In all this, we are talking of girls between the ages of 13 and 17, in fact adolescents living in deprived communities.

For the many who support the initiative and appreciate the problems of the poor girls, the mockery is an embarrassment.

Besides, the nation is being embarrassed internationally because these same interventions are going on in poor communities in other African countries, without any qualms.

What then makes ours a bad initiative that must be bastardised?

We urge the government not to be bogged down by those engaged in the mockery, but carry out the decision and supply the sanitary pads.

The innocent and poor schoolgirls need them badly.

We should neither fail, nor disappoint them!

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