Oti youth urged to support new region

The National Union of Oti Students (NUOS), has reaffirmed that the creation of the Oti Region will accelerate good governance and development of the area.

It noted that the window of opportunity to determine whether to be part of the Oti boundary or not was overdue and the only remedy available was for residents to exercise their constitutional right by voting YES.

“The new region will afford us the power to decide which priority areas to apply our resources when granted a district or a constituency, administration and mobility will be closer to the people,” it stressed.

Addressing the media, Enoch Kwadzodeh, Convener of the union, urged all stakeholders in the creation of the new Oti Region the youth are solidly behind them and confident that history would also beckon those who contributed towards the creation of the region.

He explained that there was the need and substantial demand for the creation of new regions and advised the President accordingly to proceed with processes involved resulting in the appointment of the Commission of Inquiry by a constitutional instrument.

Mr Kwadzodeh indicated that having gone through all the processes and the final report subsequently submitted recommended a referendum be held in the proposed area, some dissenting views had betrayed the trust of the residents which was unfortunate.

He noted that although the union accepted some of the dissenting views in good faith others were deemed to be undermining the processes and appealed to them to support the agenda which would ameliorate the plight of the people.

“It’s highly unacceptable to sacrifice our future on the altar of emotions and individual interest respectfully which beats our imagination because the prospects in Oti Region go beyond trivialities, the interest and the future of the people must be protected.

“Residents within the Oti Region enclave have accepted the Oti agenda which was evident during a traditional area meeting held last Sunday at Likpe-Mate where the chiefs and people unanimously endorsed YES for Oti and all actions purported to divert interest of the people should be looked at again.

“Santrokofi on the other hand, is unanimously for Oti as we pride ourselves as the gateway to Oti and we commend the efforts of the local organising committee’s readiness for the much-awaited referendum,” Mr Kwadzodeh stressed.


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