Osei Kuffour Urges Gov’t To Step Into Football Management

SAMUEL Osei Kuffour has urged government to step into the management of football in Ghana even at the risk of a two-year FIFA ban because he thinks long term it will be beneficial for the country.

The former Black Stars defender was scathing in his criticism of the Kwesi Nyantakyi administration in an interview on TalkSports on TV3 and said it was time for him to go as GFA president.board_member_samuel_osei-kuffour2

“I think government should step in. The money that pays is from government. The money doesn’t come from Nynatakyi, George Afriyie, Mr Ansong or any management member.

“Even though we are playing cup of Nations matches and winning that is not enough.

“How many people have now rejected the Black Stars, how many people don’t care anymore about the Black Stars? We have showed that the people up there don’t care anymore”, he slammed.

“I think it is time for government to step in for FIFA to give us a ban for two years to really research ourselves again because it will be a shame that our league is not being played and we are going to the cup of Nations. I think it is time for the GFA to move ahead.”

Kuffour’s anger stems from what he calls a disgraceful world cup campaign and claims officials have taken their turns at the 2014 world cup commission of inquiry to tell lies.

“Look at the commission. Everyone comes there and tells a lie because they know they cannot judge them. Maybe in future the judgement will come. “

Kuffour’s most damming words were was reserved for Nyantakyi who has been at the helm of Ghana football since 2005.

“It is a disgrace for the whole country; what is going on with our football and our plans. It is dying but it is a pity that people are not telling us the truth. How long can we wait to know the truth?, Kuffour said.

“Everything has its own time. Nyantakyi has done great for Ghana soccer; taking us to the world cup three times in a row but I think the ideas is getting less. He himself knows it. Nobody should tell him. If I am him, I will step out because there is nothing he can do more.”

Kuffour also mounted a strong defence on behalf of players of the Black Stars against growing allegations that they have become too obsessed with money are allowing that to ruin their commitment to the nation.

“At the end of the day for me it all goes down to management. Ghanaians are putting the blame on the players. That is sad. Why should the players not demand their money?

“Have you seen any player finish their career and get a pension scheme? Have you seen a player get that? When you finish your national tem career nobody cares. The players deserve it.

“The squads of 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982; when did they get their money? It was three months ago. Some people who suffered with their sweat for this country died before the money came.

“People are always saying footballers are useless, don’t know what to do with their money, are illiterates. If you know the money belongs to the footballers, why don’t you give it to them?”

However, chairman of Neoplan Stars Football Club, Mr. Jonathan Abbey Pobee has hit back at former Bayern Munich defender, Samuel Osei Kuffour for calling for a FIFA ban on football activities in the country for two years to ensure changes in the administration of football in Ghana.

In reacting to the comment of the former King Faisal player, Mr. Pobee said, “Even though Kuffour may be right with some of his comments, it was very bad for him to have called for a FIFA ban.

“It was very unnecessary for a former footballer with such status to make such a comment.”

“We have administrators in the country and it is not necessary for us to be banned before we do the right thing.

“We need only to put our administrators on their toes. Kuffour’s comment was below the belt. It lacks merit”, Mr. Pobee concluded.

Kuffour is believed to have made the comment following an issue an FA official addressed after the exit of the Black Stars at the World Cup in Brazil.

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