O’reilly Senior High School launches environmental club for students

As part of efforts to educate the public on the need to protect the environment from further degradation, O’reilly Senior High School in Accra has launched an environmental club for students.

Spearheaded by the school’s Agricultural Department, the club was also to monitor how the school’s immediate environment was being managed and devise means and strategies to maintain a sound and healthy learning environment.

Mrs Patience Tawiah Adjetey Nii-Okpe, headmistress of the school, speaking at a forum to outdoor the club last Friday, said recent concerns about the environment requires the involvement of all stakeholders of the society to work towards mitigating its negative impact on national development.

The forum was also to provide career guidance to students of the department and educate them on the opportunities in the agricultural sector.

She explained that issues about the environment had become important in today’s contemporary era due to rapid infrastructural development which had put enormous pressure on the resources of the environment.

Additionally, improper disposal of waste and garbage as well as activities of illegal mining and exploitation of other natural resources, Mrs Nii-Okpe said has resulted in the pollution of air, water bodies and the land.

“You all can see what happens in our communities when it rains. There’s flooding situations all around us. If we do not protect the environment and respect environmental laws, such situations will continue to harm our lives and properties,” she stated.

These challenges, she said was not exclusive to the larger society as the school was faced with its own peculiar environmental concern due to indiscriminate disposal of pure water sachets and other wastes, notably the cleanliness of the students washrooms.

The headmistress described as ‘refreshing’ the establishment of the club to ensure an overall clean and unpolluted aesthetic to enhance an enjoyable and conducive learning atmosphere.

She said the career guidance forum would bring to the fore the numerous but unknown opportunities available to students of agriculture and encourage them to aspire for greater heights in their chosen careers.

Discussing careers in the agricultural sector, Dr Twumasi Boampong, Veterinary Surgeon of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) and lecturer at the University of Ghana, said students of the department could pursue veterinary studies and specialise in wildlife, small and large animals as well as manage animals used by the security forces for their operations.

On his part, Mr Agyemfra, National Agriculture Coordinator of the Ghana Education Service, urged the students to explore the teaching and the provision of extension services, consultancy services and agribusiness, which were lucrative ventures in the agriculture industry.

Currently, he said the students could use their knowledge in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in helping to address several challenges in the sector.

By Claude Nyarko Adams

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