One-village,one-dam policy not feasible–Alhaji Fuseini

abThe Deputy Northern Regional Minister and Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu, Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini, has suggested that the opposition New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) flagbearer’s campaign promise of building one dam per farming village in all three northern regions has opened politicians up to public ridicule.

Just like his 1-factory-1-district policy, Nana Akufo-Addo’s latest promise has been met with skepticism by the governing National Democratic Congress and a cross-section of Ghanaians.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Alhaji Fuseini said the NPP flagbearer should guard against the attempt to sway Ghanaians with his campaign promises.

“There are certain areas in the north where the water table is so deep and in some areas the soil is so porous that even when you are constructing dams, there is no clay to be able to hold the water.

So, if you go to those areas and say you will build dams, what happens is that as a result of the porous state of the soil in those areas your plans will not be realised,” he explained.

Alhaji Fuseini said “you have not even done any serious feasibility to determine whether all the villages even have the capacity to be able to sustain water in the dams throughout the period.

These are very serious national issues so we should not trivialise them and come out to say ‘one village one dam”.

According to him there are even areas that if the water table is high enough, boreholes can be used for irrigation.

“In those areas, you will see that dams may not be needed. You will need boreholes and that can help the people in their agricultural activities to step up productivity.

So this should be a well thought-through policy. It is not out of desperation then you just get up and say ‘one- district, one-factory’ and now you are saying one-dam, one- village’. Some of these pronouncements, they tend to trivialise politics and expose politicians to ridicule,” he stated.

However, Deputy Director of Communications for the NPP, Anthony Karbo, said the party had done enough feasibility studies on the policy.

He said: “There is no village in the three regions where a baseline survey has not been done. Through the University of Development Studies trimester field practical programme, all these baseline surveys have been done.

As I speak to you, the Savannah Research Institute has conducted extensive work on what needs to be done to revolutionise agriculture in the three regions and in those production zones.”


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