OLA SHS debunks pregnancy reports

Mrs AfesiMrs. Benedicta Afesi, headmistress of the OLA Senior High School at Ho, has described as “malicious and totally false” a publication on a questionable website which claimed on Sunday that a biology teacher of the school had impregnated six students.

The article, published by screwlife.com and reproduced by ghananation.com, claimed the biology teacher impregnated the girls under the pretext of “reproductive health experiments” in the school’s chapel.

But the headmistress, in an interview at the school yesterday in reaction to the report, debunked the claims, saying the schools did not even have a biology teacher by the name “God is Bless Coffie.”

In addition, she said none of the students were pregnant as claimed by the website.

“To the best of our knowledge, no student is pregnant in the school”, she told The Ghanaian Times.

Apart from that, Mrs. Afesi stated that “the school does not organise reproductive health experiments for its students.”

According to her, the school had a biology laboratory, so it would be unreasonable to organise biology lessons in the chapel.

“This is a Catholic school and so it cannot desecrate its chapel with such a filthy exercise as proclaimed by the publication,” Mrs. Afesi added.

She pointed out that the photograph accompanying the publication was a timeworn one, “because the chapel cloth worn by those innocent girls in the picture have long outlived their usefulness.”

For the past three years, Mrs. Afesi said, the school had a different chapel cloth.

Furthermore, she said that the police in the Volta Region had not made any such arrest in the school as alleged by the publication, “to the best of our knowledge.”

The headmistress maintained that the publication was “a total fabrication and an act of cruelty,” and urged parents and the public to treat it with contempt.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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