Okortsoshishi holds puberty ceremony


The girls with a parents, and Nii Ashitey Tetteh (second right)

The families of Okortsoshishi at James Town and Amamole in the Greater Accra Region, on Thursday performed the Okor rites to initiate three young girls into puberty and womanhood.

The initiation ceremony and rites were performed by Nii Ashitey Tetteh, head of the Okortsoshishi families.

Briefing the media after the ceremony, Nii Ashitey Tetteh said the Okor rites had been performed for generations by the biological fathers of the girls to prepare them adequately for leadership roles in society.

He said the young ladies were camped indoors for one week, while older women who had also undergone the rites, tutored them on “how to be a good wife, a good cook, and on social norms and customs that were acceptable by society at large”.

Nii Ashitey Tetteh said it was believed that if the rites were not performed by any young  girl, it would bring ill luck and misfortune.

He used the occasion to advise the gathering to  be peaceful and avoid violence during and after the general elections.

Nii Ashitey Tetteh also called on the government and the Electoral Commission to conduct a credible elections to ensure that any loser would accept the results in good faith.

By Times Reporter

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