Ojobi residents fight quarry operators

The quarry site at Ojobi

The quarry site at Ojobi

The Ojobi community hosts about seven stone quarry companies who use explosives and other crude methods to break the rocks into stones and sell to developers in the capital and surrounding areas.

The community leaders are still wondering why the many petitions they have written to the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Minerals Commission have fallen on deaf ears and not properly investigated to save the area from environmental and other health hazards.

Dust billows up into the sky during blasting of stones and settles in the community and nearby farms polluting the environment and destroying farmlands.

Checks about quarry operations in the Gomoa area from the Minerals Commission revealed that some of the Quarry companies are either operating fully with provisional license or without any documentation at all.

It was also revealed that constant blasts and vibrations from the quarry sites have caused cracks in some buildings in the community, a situation which prompted a demonstration by residents and subsequent visitation by some directors of the Ministry to meet community leaders who demanded a proper environmental impact assessment before licenses are issued to quarry operators.

Some residents alleged that Pilot Quarry Limited is one company in the area which had had several misunderstanding with residents of Ojobi over its operations.

It came to light during the visit by the Ministry that, Pilot Quarry Limited allegedly could not start commercial operations though Opanin Tawiah, an elder of Ojobi reportedly said he had witnessed numerous blasting at the site after the directive by Ministry.

A manager at the company, who gave his name only as Reverend, denied blasting the rocks for sale, but admitted that they had not been given all necessary licenses for full operation.

“We only did some couple of blasting to test our machines and not for sale as the community is accusing us of”, Reverend maintained.

He was however confident of being given the needed required documentation to commence full operation soon.

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