Nursing trainees demand refund of bike learning fee

Nurses Training College, HoSecond and Third Year Community Health Nursing students of the Nurses Training College, Ho, are demanding a refund of monies they were charged for lessons in motor-cycle riding.

Investigations by The Ghanaian Times showed that last year, for instance, each student was charged GH¢50 but no such lesson was conducted.

They alleged that their seniors who had completed their training had still not had their monies refunded to them even though they did not have lessons.

When contacted, a spokesman for the college explained that the Ho NTC had only 10 motor-cycles, which were inadequate for the riding lessons.

Meanwhile, more than 700 out of the 946 fresh students of the college are still stranded as there are no hostel facilities for them.

Only 20 per cent of the new students were provided with hostel facilities.

The majority are either staying with some compassionate people in the municipality in the interim, while others who are still stranded, are considering giving up the course entirely due to the suffering they are going through.

The NTC, in its admission letter, advised the new students to make provision for their own accommodation and also stated that the admission was on condition that “you have the necessary financial support to study at the college”.

Subsequent to that, the students were made to pay a non-refundable 80 per cent of the GH¢3,748 for the entire 2016/2017 academic year before August 15, this year.

Having paid so much to the college and got no accommodation to pursue their training, some of the stranded students said the college had exploited them financially.


From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho           

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