Nurses, Midwives College inaugurated

midwifesThe Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives (GCNM), the new institution mandated to promote specialist education, continuous professional development and post-graduate nursing and midwifery in the country has been inaugurated in Accra.

A total of 330 foundation fellows were inducted into the college while the first cohort of 36 resident nurses and midwives were matriculated as part of the academic development of the college.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Kweku Agyeman-Mensah, speaking at the ceremony, said the objective of the new college as enshrined in Act 833 which sets up the college, is to develop a specialist institution of academic and professional training to produce specialist nurses and midwives.

Additionally, it is to create new advanced roles for nurses and midwives in the country’s health care delivery in the country.

“But although these represent the ideals underpinning the establishment of the college, our biggest expectation is that as a college you produce for us a specialist nurse who takes a global and systems-level approach to improving patient outcome”, he said.

Dr. Agyeman-Mensah noted that disease patterns in the country were gradually transforming from a largely communicable to predominantly non-communicable burden with its attendant need for specialised care.

The country, he said, currently had very few specialist nurses to reach the vast number of people who needed specialist services.

He pledged government’s support to the college and reiterated the Ministry’s commitment to provide appropriate incentive packages for products of the college.

Dr. Mrs. Jemima Araba Dennis-Antwi, president of GCNM, called for the support and cooperation of all stakeholders to transform the new college to become a national and international asset and as a centre of excellence for professional specialisation and collaboration in nursing and midwifery relations.

She stressed that through their academic programmes, the college would be pursuing its four core mandates of specialist education, continual professional education, post-graduate education and policy formulation.

Dr. Dennis-Antwi disclosed that in June, this year, the matriculants would be accepted into eight programmes for a start, made up of six programmes within the division of nursing and two at the midwifery division.

The programmes are Paediatrics, Accident and Emergency, Palliative, Oncology, Haematology, Neuroscience, Neonatal Intensive Care and Women’s Health.

She said continual stakeholder engagements would be initiated in the course of the year to bring on board existing programmes of specialisation in Ophthalmic, Peri-operative and Critical Care Nursing, among others.

Dr. Dennis-Antwi said it was the expectation of GCNM that on successful completion, students and fellows could be considered for leadership roles that would accord them accountable responsibilities to run specialist clinics at all levels of health care, manage their wards and facilities as nurses and midwives besides keeping academic positions in educational institutions.

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