Nuamah’s family receives Pres’ package

Mrs Margaret Kpodo(third from left) Board Chair of New Times Corporation presenting the money to Mr and Mrs Opoku,son of the late Nuamah.Looking on are management members of NTC.Photo.Ebo Gorman

Mrs Margaret Kpodo (third from left), Board Chair of New Times Corporation presenting the money to Mr and Mrs Opoku, parents of the late Nuamah. Looking on are management members of NTC. Photo: Ebo Gorman

The cash donation from President John Dramani Mahama to the family of the late Samuel Nuamah, was yesterday disbursed to the beneficiaries.

The entire package of GH¢93,000 was disbursed, through the management of the New Times Corporation and witnessed by the Board Chairperson, Margaret Kpodo.

As directed by the President when he presented the support package to ameliorate the loss of the family, GH¢50,000 was for Endowment Fund set up for Nuamah’s little son, while the wife received $5,000, with the parents and the family receiving GH¢20,000 and GH¢5,000 respectively.

Mr. Michael Kabu Mensah, the head of the family, expressed the family’s gratitude to the President and New Times Corporation for the immense support they received after the tragic incident.

He said it was heartwarming that from the day the accident occurred until the President’s package, the family had not been left alone in their grief, but had rather seen an outpour of love, concern and unity of purpose as a form of tribute to the fond memories of Samuel.

“We appreciate all that you have done for us and we are particularly grateful to the President for his concern and interest in ensuring that things went well,” he said.

Ms. Carol Annang, Managing Director of New Times Corporation, assured them that the package from the President was outside what the corporation would eventually give to the family, with regards to the laid-down employer-employee relationship.

She said it was a laudable idea for the family to appoint a team to deal with those issues “therefore everybody must be rest assured that your team and ours would work together to work out all the relief packages”.

Mrs. Margaret Kpodo, Board Chair of New Times Corporation asked the family to take respite in their loss through divine context that it was through God’s grace we come and exit this world.

She said though certain losses were hard to come to terms with, it was only when one seek the understanding of God’s grand design, before the pains would be mitigated.

Mrs. Kpodo asked the family to remain united and strengthened in ties within both the nuclear and extended families while building bonds which would create a solid foundation for future development.

It is recalled that President Mahama last Friday doled out a package of GH¢93,000 to be given to the family of the late Samuel Nuamah who lost his life in the tragic motor accident involving the presidential press corps on August 20.

Samuel Nuamah was then The Ghanaian Times Presidential Correspondent at the Flagstaff House.

He died on the spot on August 20, this year when the bus conveying him and other presidential reporters from Ho, in the Volta Region to Accra after covering the President’s assignment there bust a tyre and somersaulted before crush-landing on Samuel who was thrown out of the vehicle. Other reporters in the vehicle suffered severe injuries.

By Lawrence Markwei

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