Nsawam residents demand NHIS cards

Nathaniel Otoo, NHIA bossSome residents of Nsawam and its environs who registered at the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) office in the Akuapem South Municipal Assembly (ASMA) about three weeks ago, claim they have not received their cards to access free healthcare.

That is in sharp contrast with the current arrangement where applicants for NHIS cards are issued with their cards instantly.

Speaking in an interview with The Ghanaian Times here, on Monday some of the affected persons expressed concern about the delay of the NHIS office in the ASMA to issue them with their NHIS cards.

That, they said, was denying them the opportunity to access free health care under the NHIS.

Forgive Nyalemegbe, one of the affected persons told The Ghanaian Times that he registered his wife and daughter on August 16, this year, but they have not been issued with their cards.

According to him when the wife and daughter finished the registration process, they were told they would be called when their cards were ready.

Mr. Nyalemegbe said the wife went to the ASMA NHIS office on the last week and was told the card was not ready, adding that the said official said their NHIS cards would be ready in three months.

Ben Kunyestro, another affected person also told The Ghanaian Times that he registered three members of his family on August 3, this year and they have also not been issued with their NHIS cards.

Responding to the allegation, the Manager of the NHIS ASMA Office, explained applicants are issued with their cards instantly after completing the registration process.

On the average, he said, his outfit processes and issues 300 NHIS cards daily.

Mr. Addo explained that his outfit introduced a booking system where clients were asked to go and come three days later for their NHIS cards, when the number of applicants who reported at the office at that particular day was huge.

“Even the booking system is optional and a client has to decide whether he or she preferred to register and come three days after for his or her card, or will come at a later date and register to get his or her card instantly” he said.

Mr. Addo explained that the delay associated with the issuance of the NHIS cards usually come from the clients because some of them travel and never come for their cards.

For instance, he said, a client who registered for a NHIS card last year, only came last week with his receipt for his card and he was instantly issued with a card.

From Kingsley Asare, Nsawam


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