Nsa Lauded For Ghabsa Intervention

The Concerned Baseball andSoftball Coaches and Trainers have commended the National Sports Authority (NSA) for halting the GHABSA Congress originally scheduled for August 26.

The group, led by Emmanuel Boafo, told the Times Sports in Accra, that “we are very pleased with your swift intervention after our plea for the event to be stopped was presented.”

Boafo explained that the call for the stoppage was arrived at, after realizing that members forming the Electoral College for the second national delegates’ congress were illegitimate.

Upshot of that petition was an urgent meeting held by the NSA with GHABSA executives and the petitioners to iron out the differences between them.

He welcomed the suggestion by the NSA for the formation of an Interim Management Committee to handle the association pending issues.

Boafo said the Committee would comprise members of the petitioners, old GHABSA executives and other stakeholders to formulate guidelines for the Congress.

He added that “after all of these are done, we will go back to the NSA and seek a date for the Congress to be held.’

By Victor Buxton

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