NR Security Council warns trouble makers

Mr. Salifu Saeed, Northern Regional Minister

Mr. Salifu Saeed, Northern Regional Minister

The Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC), has indicated its readiness to ensure the successful and smooth implementation of the roadmap to the resolution of the Dagbon chieftaincy conflict.


It has, therefore, issued a stern warning to all trouble makers to stay away from fomenting any trouble in the entire region as the security agencies would deal ruthlessly with anyone attempting to create confusion.


“REGSEC wants to indicate strongly that the security agencies are very much alert and fully prepared to deal decisively with any individual or group that attempt to create confusion over the implementation of the roadmap,” it warned.


The REGSEC issued the warning after series of meetings with various stakeholders in connection with the implementation of the roadmap of the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis.


Mr. Salifu Saeed, Northern Regional Minister and Chairman of the REGSEC said the Dagbon conflict had brought untold hardship to the area and that now that leadership of both royal gates had signed to the roadmap, REGSEC would work hard to ensure its successful implementation.


He maintained that the REGSEC and the government’s interest in the whole matter was to restore peace to Dagbon and the entire region and, therefore, would put in the necessary measures to support the eminent chiefs to bring finality to the protracted conflict.


“Indeed the restoration of absolute peace in Dagbon is the clarion call to all for no meaningful development can take place without peace,” he stated.


The minister therefore appealed to all to refrain from acts likely to jeopardise or hinder the progress made so far.


“We appeal for restraint, caution and circumspection in utterances and actions at this crucial time, indeed all and sundry must act in a manner to ensure that we keep the existing peace and improve upon it for Dagbon to restore its pride,” he advised.


The REGSEC urged all in the region particularly Dagombas to support the eminent chiefs to restore peace in Dagbon, stressing that the youth stood to benefit a lot should there be peace in the area.


Mr. Saeed appealed to the media to be circumspect in their reportage on Dagbon matters and refrain from highlighting issues likely to hamper the restoration of peace.


“We are appealing to our friends in the media not to allow your stations and media houses to be used to derail this peace process,” the minister pleaded.


Mr. Saeed called for co-operation from the security agencies to ensure law and order before, during and after the performance of the funerals of the Ya Naas.

The Regional Minister further impressed upon the people to report to the security agencies any individual or group who engage in any activity that would thwart efforts of the eminent chiefs and government toward the resolution of the Dagban crisis.


“We urge all and sundry to be alert during this period and report any suspicious movements or actions to the security agencies so that nobody gets the chance to disturb the peace,” the minister emphasised.


Many have welcomed the agreement of leadership of the Abudus and Andanis to the performance of the funerals of the two Ya -Naas; Mohammudu Abdulai and Yakubu Andani in the Gbewaa palace.


The eminent chiefs under the chairmanship of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu presented a roadmap of peace to the president last week outlining how the funerals of the two chiefs were to be performed.



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