NPP warns ‘ambitious’ parliamentary aspirants to stop campaigning or…

Mr Boadu

Mr Boadu

The leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has cautioned aspirants within the party to stop campaigning ahead of the opening of nomination for the constituency seats.
“The party will disqualify any parliamentary aspirant who fails to abide by the rules of engagement since it is yet to open nominations for potential candidates who want to contest various positions in the parliamentary elections.

According to a statement signed by the General Secretary of the party, John Boadu “the conduct of those persons does not only flout internal regulations but also undermines structures at the constituency and regional levels”.

“The NPP is a disciplined party and as such everything is expected to be done in accordance with rules and regulations, for each of the 275 constituencies, the album that was used to elect the current constituency executives at the 2018 Constituency Annual Delegates Conference will be used for conduct of the upcoming parliamentary primary.

“However, if the need arises for a review of the constituency albums, the decision will be taken by the national party and communicated accordingly and cautions members who are nursing ambitions to contest the 2019 parliamentary primary to desist from campaigning as the party is yet to open nominations and set out the guidelines for the primary.

“The caution has become necessary following complaints the party has been receiving about conduct of some prospective parliamentary aspirants who are overtly and covertly campaigning to delegates ahead of opening of nominations.

“They are reminded the party reserves the right to disqualify any parliamentary aspirant who fails to abide by the rules of engagement since it is disciplined and issues are supposed to be done in accordance with rules and regulations.

‘For the avoidance of doubt, the party’s national secretariat has copies of constituency albums for each of the 275 constituencies which will be used for the parliamentary primary until otherwise communicated.

“It will be a futile exercise for constituency executives, prospective parliamentary aspirants, sitting members of parliament and other stakeholders to engage in tampering with current constituency albums for purposes of effecting changes to suit their interest, that notwithstanding, the party cautions all persons who may be engaged in such enterprise to desist forthwith, else risk being sanctioned in accordance with disciplinary procedures,” the statement noted.  –

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