The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the weekend went to the polls to elect its regional executives: a major activity on the calendar of the party for the year.

From all accounts, the elections went on smoothly at the various polling stations across the country, though there are some legal issues in some regions which led to the suspension of elections in those areas.

The Ghanaian Times hopes that whatever challenges there are in those regions they would resolved the issues to make way for smooth elections so that the party would have the full complement of its regional officers.

The outcome of the weekend’s election has underscored the fact that politics is about the skillful use of communication skills to convince others to buy into ideas in the form of manifestos. No doubt, convincing the electorate to give the nod to prosecute one’s plans and programmes is a difficult task for many contestants. Allegations of vote buying are always a common feature in all political competitions.

This is where we expect political parties to do more work in educating the rank and file on the ideals of the party and the need to use party structures to resolve grievances, rather than to resort to the courts with petitions and suits that could have been easily addressed at the party level.

So far, so good: largely the party followers have demonstrated maturity at the polling stations where the elections were held. We expect the winners of the elections, so far held, to celebrate in moderation and not to be swayed into complacency because the task ahead is tough and the terrain rough.

We also expect the losers to accept the defeat in good faith and rally behind the lucky elected officials to prosecute the agenda of the party and make it formidable. The defeated candidates must not throw their hands in despair and say that once they have not been elected, the game ends and would have nothing to do with the party anymore. That is not the mark of a good politician!

As they say charity begins at home: once success has been achieved at regional party elections, lessons would have been learnt and imbibed, which then can be exhibited in the general elections to ensure continuous peace and stability of the country.

At the end of every contest, there may be hard feelings but that should not turn the contestants into enemies. The work ahead is arduous and it would take dedication, loyalty and sportsmanship to execute.

The elections are over and all members must go back to the core mandate of the party, which is to mobilise like minded people with set values and political ideology to work together.

The ultimate goal should therefore, be how to contest the next election to continue the reigns of government to implement their manifesto and address the needs of society.

While we commend the elected officers, we also pat the back of the defeated candidates for exhibiting courage and stepping forward to contest. We wish them better luck next time. Let this peaceful elections be exhibited in general elections, come 2020. Ayeeko!





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