NPP demands clarification

Mr.John Boadu.John Boadu, acting General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), yesterday made an unexpected visit to the office of the Electoral Commission (EC) to seek clarification pertaining to the filing of thepresidential nomination form.

He was seeking an explanation on the EC’s requirement for the submission of the nomination forms, and the issue concerning to the declaration of assets by aspirants.

The EC, in a statement released on Tuesday and signed by the Head of Communications, Eric Kofi Dzakpasu, encouraged candidates or people filing on their behalf, to submit the nomination forms early in order to meet the deadline.

It also encouraged the aspirants to attach their tax returns and take note of the requirement to declare their assets to the Auditor-General in order to meet the eligibility criteria.

Mr. Boadu, who is also the National Organiser of the NPP, told the media that the party was skeptical of the requirement to declare assets before filing the forms and therefore, decided to seek clarification from the commission, in order to meet the eligibility criteria.

He argued that “the notification by the EC on declaration of assets two days to submission will create a challenge, given the processes that applicants have to go through in these few days to declare assets before submission.”

But, the Deputy Chairperson of the EC in charge of Corporate Services, Georgina Opoku Amankwaa, explained that an applicant did not need to declare his or her assets fully to satisfy the eligibility criteria.

She said the EC’s law made room for candidates to simply kick-start the process of declaring their assets and provide evidence to the Commission.


By Kingsley Asare

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