NPP blames govt for power problems

Mr. Agyarko(middle)delivering his address during the press briefing.

Mr. Agyarko(middle)delivering his address during the press briefing.

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has chastised the ruling government for failing to find lasting solutions to the challenges facing the power sector, despite the numerous investments.

According to Mr. Boakye Agyarko, Director of Policy, NPP, the power problems would resurface immediately after the general elections, because of an estimated 700 megawatts shortfall in power supply early next year.

He said government was currently importing 600,000 barrels of crude oil every month, at the cost of about $30 million, to fire thermal plants to generate power, which was unsustainable as well as purchasing power from the Cote d’Iviore, and that was also unsustainable.

Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday, Mr. Agyarko described the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government as a failure, for its inability to resolve the persistent energy crisis it promised to tackle in 2012.

“The President promised to solve ‘dumsor’ within his first four years in office but he ended up claiming the record for the longest power crisis in our nation’s history, five straight years of dumsor,” Mr. Agyarko stated.

He warned voters that the importation of crude to fire thermal plants, and the purchase of power from Cote d’ Ivoire were just to win votes in the upcoming elections.

“The importation of power from Cotê d’Ivoire would be impossible next year, as a result of that country experiencing dry season, making it unable to supply Ghana with power as it is currently doing, hence the projection by the party that the country will return to shedding load immediately after the elections,” he said.

Mr. Agyarko again noted that gas supply from Nigeria might not be resumed any time soon due to the non-payment of an outstanding debt, adding that “gas supply from the Jubilee Oil Fields will stop as the FPSO is expected to shut down for repairs for a period of three to six months, therefore with these developments, Asogli and AMERI power plants will not be able to generate power.”

If given the mandate, Mr. Agyarko said the NPP would strengthen governance of the power sector, while providing institutions, including Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and GRIDCo, better tools to operate at their fullest capacities.

“An NPP government would demolish the NDC government’s reckless technical move to export all our gas in return for $2 billion, as well as negotiate with its counterpart in Nigeria and with the West African Gas Pipeline to restore the gas supply from Nigeria,” he assured.


By Claude Nyarko Adams       


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