NPC worried about registration violence

The National Peace Council (NPC), has expressed worry about the pockets of violence that occurred during the limited registration exercise.

The Chairman of the council, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante said the exercise suffered series of aggression at some polling centres, an indication that the confidence in the Electoral Commission (EC), the security agencies and the Judiciary were at their low ebb.

The Most Reverend Asante said this yesterday, at a day’s workshop held in Accra yesterday for political parties.

It was organised to advocate for the inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the manifestoes of the various political parties.

Most Reverend Asante said the build-up to the general elections had been characterised by tension, and increasing hate speeches which affected the prevailing peace in the country.

“We just concluded the limited registration of eligible voters and we witnessed pockets of violence that occurred in places.

An exercise intended to prepare eligible Ghanaians to exercising their franchise suffered pockets of violence and rivalry to boost their  prospective competitors through foul and illegal means which is worrying,” he said.

Prof. Asante said the entire country was gradually, heating up and politicians seemed to employ crude, coercive and underhand strategies to capture power when citizens lived in fear for their lives and property.

“We cannot continue on this destructive path. Our society is plagued with poverty, malnutrition among children, maternal and infant mortality, preventable diseases like malaria and sanitary conditions are in prevalence.

Social services like access to education, poor health care system have eluded most of our rural folks and coupled with these are issues of youth unemployment and high interest rates which needed to be the major concern of all stakeholders,” he said.

Most Reverend Asante advised Ghanaians to fish out for viable, pragmatic and home-grown policies and programes which are capable of addressing these challenges in the manifestoes of political parties before supporting any.

The Commissioner of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) Mr. Eben Anuwa Armah appealed to political parties to fuse in their manifestoes some of the agendas of the National Development Planning Agenda.

He said this would enable the country to achieve the 40-year development plan to revive the economy from its currents state.

By Bernard Benghan & Inga Jahn     

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