NPA CEO wins another award

•   Mr.  Asaga

• Mr. Asaga

The Chief Executive of the National Petroleum Autho-rity (NPA), Moses Asaga, has been recognised by the Oil and Gas Ghana Awards (OGGA-2015) for his immense contributions to the development of local content in the oil and gas industry in Ghana.

He is recognised for his role in the development of the local content in the oil and gas industry which ensures that Ghanaians have a stake in the burgeoning oil and gas industry.

A former legislator and former Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Mines and Energy, Mr. Moses Asaga relentlessly championed the development of local content policies and the relevant laws to ensure that Ghanaians are prioritised in terms of employment in the country’s oil resources.

Today, the oil and gas industry in Ghana has Ghanaians participating in varying levels. 

The Oil and Gas Ghana Awards (OGGA-2015) also awarded the Minister of Petroleum, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah with the patron of the Ghana oil and gas industry for his contribution to the development of the oil and gas sector. Other local service providers also received various awards for their contribution to the oil and gas industry.

The awards recognised achie-vements from local and international companies involved in Ghana’s oil and gas sector and rewarded those that have played a defining role in moving the industry forward.

It represents a cross-section of oil and gas stakeholders ranging from government, upstream, midstream, downstream, regulators, financial institutions among others.

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