Northern NDC Organiser Apologises To Minister

From Yakubu Abdul-Majeed, Tamale


Alhaji Limuna Mohammed MuniruThe Northern Regional Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Godfred Wumbei has rendered an unqualified apology to the Regional Minister, Alhaji Limuna Mohammed Muniru.

Mr Wumbei and his campaign co-coordinator on Friday stormed the residency of the minister and attacked him and his bodyguard with the excuse that Alhaji Muniru campaigned against him during the just-ended NDC regional congress held at Tamale.

The frightened minister then called the police who arrested and detained the two overnight.

They were released on Saturday after some irate NDC youths went to the Tamale Central police station to demand their ‘freedom’.

The organiser said he regretted his action and that it was based on false information he had received.

“Indeed I have regretted seriously for the manner in which I and my campaign co-coordinator behaved before the regional minister,” he told some NDC supporters.

He advised them to put the matter behind and support the minister to develop the region.

He assured the supporters that he had nothing against Alhaji Muniru and was prepared to assist him to deliver on the “Better Ghana agenda”.

Alhaji Muniru said he had forgiven Mr Wumbei who had earlier sent some prominent chiefs and religious leaders to the areas to beg for forgiveness.

He noted that he also took into consideration the fact that the organiser said he had learnt his lessons and would not repeat such behaviour again.

He added that the national chairman of the party, Dr Kwabena Adjei who was on a campaign tour of the region also met with him and condemned the action taken by Mr Wumbei and said Dr Adjei recommended that the party should use its internal mechanisms to resolve the issue.

He further advised the youth to always exercise restraint, and cross-check the information before reacting.

Recounting what happened, Alhaji Muniru said he was in a meeting at the residency at about 6pm when he saw some people fighting with his bodyguard.

He said all of a sudden, the regional organiser forced his way into the meeting room and banged his desk several times.

He (Mr Wumbei) attempted to slap him but was restrained.

At that point he had no option than to call in the police to arrest them.

From Yakubu Abdul-Majeed, Tamale 

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