Norm C’ttee member, journalist clash

Journalist Ekow Asmah quizzing Normalisation Committee member, Duah Adonteng, at yesterday's confab

Journalist Ekow Asmah quizzing Normalisation Committee member, Duah Adonteng, at yesterday’s confab

FIFA Normalization Committee member, Kofi Duah Adonteng, lost his cool and resorted to the use of unpleasant language during the maiden meeting with the Press in Accra when he was quizzed for coming late to the programme.

The lawyer by profession, in a very offensive tone and mannerisms, described as stupid comments from a journalist, Ekow Asmah, who questioned the latter’s late show up at the event.

He said, he was not ready to accept such utterances from the veteran journalist who suggested that, coming an hour late to a programme was not a good example to others since Mr. Adonteng was serving on a very important Committee.

When tempered cooled down and the meeting continued,it was expected of Mr. Adonteng to render an apology for his comments when he had the chance to speak but he was adamant till about the ending part of the proceedings when another veteran journalist Kwabena Yeboah, raised his attention to do the needful.

It was then that the Lawyer rendered an apology for losing his cool and “vomiting venom” at the journalist.

He said,  “I apologize for making such comments and I take back all my words.”

Mr. Asmah on the other hand also thanked the Lawyer for apologizing and reiterated that he was only trying to make the Committee member understand the need to attend programmes on time.

The two after the meeting smoked piece pipe as they hugged and bid each other farewell in the presence of all the media persons present.

The Normalization Committee was formed by FIFA last month to among other things handle the administration of football in Ghana.

They met with the Press officially yesterday to enlighten the press on their activities and how they would work to bring back sanity into football in Ghana.



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