No reward in waywardness – Chosen YesuBa advises Ghanaian youth

Fast rising gospel artiste, popularly known for his “Go Higher” hit song, has advised the youth to make the fear of God a priority to attract blessings.

Real name, Listowell Acquaye, he said there was no reward in waywardness and called for a strict compliance to the instructions in the Bible.

The writer, blogger and spoken word artiste, who is best known for his stance on morality and zeal to draw people, especially the youth closer to God, told Times Weekend (TW) “I will never give up until I see that indeed, the Ghanaian youth have nothing but the word of God at heart.”

He recently released a seven-track album titled “Last Days Ep” and is poised on continuing to make more positive impact in the Ghanaian music space.

 Times weekendmet the talented singer and author, a product of the Africa University College of Communications (AUCC) for a chat all about his life.

Here are excerpts-

TW: How long have you been in music?

Chosen YesuBa: I have been in the music industry close to a decade now but went official in 2015 with a single titled “Go Higher.”

TW: How many songs do you have to your credit so far?

Chosen YesuBa:  I have about 15 at the moment with my latest being a seven- track piece titled “Last Days EP”.

TW: Tell us about “Last Days EP”

Chosen YesuBa: it is not the regular praise and worship music compositions but includes words of caution to Christians to desist from waywardness, have faith in God and live to please Him.

TW: That is an excellent piece, what gives you the inspiration to do what you do?

Chosen YesuBa:  God is my inspiration, I have hope in His word and I encourage people to do same. I also take some inspiration from my experiences in life.

TW: What is your real name?

Chosen YesuBa:  Listowell Acquaye.

TW: How was growing up like for you?

Chosen YesuBa:   It was not very difficult but had been a worthwhile journey.

TW: Wow! Are you a member of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA)?

Chosen YesuBa:  NO! Our leaders and seniors in the music industry have painted the organisation black in the eyes of the public with multiple scandals of corruption and issues of mismanagement. A divided army wins no war.

TW: It is very sad how things at MUSIGA have changed in recent times. Several allegations of corruption, yet nothing is being done to bring the perpetrators to book. It is a shame.

Chosen YesuBa:  I will first push for music to be studied as a course in all basic, senior high and tertiary institutions. I will also institutionalise music as a core financial contributor to the economy.

TW: That would not be bad. How do you deal with unpleasant rumours about you?

Chosen YesuBa:  I either ignore or respond depending on what the rumour is about.

TW: You were once into secular music; share your journey to the gospel music cycles with us and what informed your decision to make that U-turn.

Chosen YesuBa:   Well, my music journey has been an interesting one that started from the secular.  In the budding stages, I was doing a lot of rap freestyles and battles on street corners in my community. I moved about with guitars to play love songs at functions.

 It was not easy to book a studio to record songs and I did not have the financial muscle to push myself so I grabbed life by its horns, joined a  three-man group called Phresherz (with Joe Deevans & Tilapia) and with the help of JMP Video, we toured some senior high schools and tertiary institutions.

I learnt not to expect more from supporting hands than I should invest in my works. I learnt not to rely or only believe in the words of people who promise me help but rather examine their actions. I learnt to trust in the timings of God and also to build capacity in the areas that compliment my ministry and visions. Today, the agenda to use diverse strategies or modules of communication to propagate the Gospel of Christ Jesus is in motion and I give God all the glory for how far he has brought me.

TW: OH! I am touched by your story; we believe in you, never give up because many look up to you.

Chosen YesuBa: Thanks for the encouragement. I will never give up.

TW: What is your take on the newly introduced Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) from the perspective of a young Christian musician?

Chosen YesuBa:  I have read numerous views and stories online that were not very clear to me on the position of government and the Ghana Education Service. Some argued it was a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) agenda, others argued that sexuality education is important and allows the kids to understand their sexuality and that of others.

TW: I agree with you. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Chosen YesuBa:   If things go as planned, then my ministry would have made a meaningful impact on the lives of many youth in Ghana. The vision is to preach the word of God in all forms possible to win the youth for Christ Jesus.

TW: Married?

Chosen YesuBa: No, God’s time is the best but like some politicians always say; it is definitely in the pipeline soon to be carried out (laughs).

TW: This pipeline will soon burst so hurry up!

Chosen YesuBa: Laughs.

TW: Some have adopted the habit of indecently dressing and showing their cleavages to the world in music videos and during big events. What is your take on that?

Chosen YesuBa: The Bible encourages us to dress modestly, so for me, I only think it will be appropriate if all women adopt this lifestyle.  We are not to conform to the obscene and low standards of the present day or dispensation. A Holy God will not accept sacrifices from a carnally inspired mind and body.

TW: What do u do aside music?

Chosen YesuBa:  I am also a writer, blogger and spoken word artiste.

TW: Wow! What are your social media handles.

Chosen YesuBa:  Chosen YesuBa on all social media handles including, Snapchat Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  My fan page handle on Twitter is “Vineyarders” but on LinkedIn, you can find me at Listowell Acquaye.

TW: What are your hobbies?

Chosen YesuBa:  I love reading and writing. I like clean and quiet beaches too.

TW: Who are your favourite Ghanaian entertainers?

Chosen YesuBa:  I don’t have a specific entertainer they are many. I like good and decent comedy and enjoy beautiful and decently composed songs or reading comments on controversial topics and issues on social media.

TW: Finally! What is your message to your fans and people who look up to you?

Chosen YesuBa:  Please support me or create avenues for me to spread the gospel.  Feel free to make inputs where necessary in my music projects and never depend on your own understanding to make wrong or evil decisions. God is able to do and fulfill his word in your life. Please lean on God.


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