No activities at hospitals

Government’S directive yesterday to heads of public health facilities to ensure that their outfits resumed a full range of services to the public, has not gone down well with the heads of the institutions.

While some of the public facilities affirmed that they had received a letter to that effect, others said they had not heard about it, neither had they been informed on the directive..

An administrator of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital who did not disclose his name, told journalists that the administration was not aware of any directive.

“Even if there is a directive, how are we supposed to ask the doctors to resume work when they have not adhered to calls from the high authorities in the country, I think it is not within our power,” he said.

The Ghana Medical Association has however, reiterated its stand to resume work only after their employer has provided members with their Conditions of Service.

The Out-Patient Department and Emergency wards at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital are still empty and dormant, as has pertained in the past three weeks.

Doctors who were at post at the time The Ghanaian Times visited the hospital, were only attending to in-patients, while those who had previous appointments with their doctors were asked to come back in two or three weeks time or “to keep their fingers crossed until the doctors resume work”.

The situation, was however, different at the Ridge Regional Hospital, where an administrator confirmed to journalists that the administration was aware of government’s directive.

The administrator said doctors of the hospital had given a positive response to the directive and was sure that the hospital would begin to offer full services today.

He urged doctors to adhere to the appeals from government, individuals and institutions to resume work for negotiations to continue.

At the La General Hospital in the La Dade-Kotopon municipality, the doctors were absent as the various wards were partially operating.

A nurse who spoke to this reporter on conditions of anonymity said “for us we have always been here trying to do what is expected of us but as you can see the place looks empty”.

The story was not different at the Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Hospital when The Ghanaian Times got there at about midday yesterday.

Medical doctors at some public health institutions are yet to return to work even after a government directive stated that their continuous absence from work, was a breach of the Labour Act, and “may attract further consequences.”

The various wards remained empty with no activity going on

Other health officials including nurses, pharmacists and hospital administrators were seen at post, in the absence of the patients.

The Minister of Health, Mr. Alexander Segbefia, at a news conference in Accra on Tuesday to outline measures being adopted by the government to minimise the effect of the strike on the public, directed heads of public health facilities to ensure that their outfits resumed the provision of the full range of health services to the public with effect from Wednesday August 19.

The directive further entreated the heads of the facilities to monitor and provide weekly updates on which health workers were at post or not, to his office.

By Julius Yao Petetsi & Linda Aryeetey        

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