Nigeria’s leader recuperating fast


President Buhari has hinted that he had a blood transfusion

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is “recuperating fast” from his illness, his wife Aisha Buhari has said.

She made the comments after a trip to London, where her husband is being treated for an unspecified illness.

Mr. Buhari, 74, left for London nearly a month ago – his second trip to the UK for treatment this year.

His absence has led to some anxiety in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, with people speculating about whether he will be able to resume his duties.

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is acting president, and has been widely praised for his handling of the country’s economic crisis, following a sharp fall in the price of oil, its major export.

Mr. Buhari took about seven weeks of medical leave in January, and flew to the UK for treatment.

When he returned home in March, he hinted that he had undergone a blood transfusion, but did not disclose his illness.

He flew again to London on 7 May for further treatment, and has not indicated when he will return.

Mrs Buhari said her husband thanked Nigerians for their “constant prayers and said he will soon be with them as he is recuperating fast”.

She returned to Nigeria after spending about a week with her husband in London.



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