Nigeria College Hit By Suicide Bombing

Health WorkertA female suicide bomber has   blown herself up at a college in north-central Nigeria, witnesses say.

The bomb exploded as the woman was about to enter a hall packed with students at a college in Kontagora town, the witnesses added.

Casualties numbers are unclear, but lecturer Andrew Randa told the BBC he had seen four bodies – some of them decapitated.

Militant Islamist group Boko Haram is waging an insurgency in Nigeria.

The group has declared a caliphate, or Islamic state, in areas it controls in north-east Nigeria.

It has carried out a spate of bombings and assassinations in north-east and north-central Nigeria since launching its insurgency in 2009.

Mr Randa said he heard a deafening blast and then there was pandemonium as people ran away from the scene.

Soldiers rushed to the college and sealed off the area, he said.

Three of the four bodies he had seen were of women, Mr Randa added.

Other witnesses said the bomber died in the blast, and there were many casualties.

At least seven people were wounded and rushed to hospital, they told the BBC Hausa service.

There have been several bombings in Nigeria over the last two weeks – the worst of which was a suicide attack on a school in Yobe State on Monday, killing 46 teenage boys.

Boko Haram is opposed to Western education, and believes that Muslim boys and girls should only receive an Islamic education.



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