NGO: Putting ministers, MPs in buses perilous

Mr Mba

Mr Mba

Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for Equity, human rights nongovernmental organisation (NGO) has stated that putting ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) and metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives (MMDCEs) in buses among presidential convoys was a perilous venture.
“I agree with the President that sometimes the convoys become very long because ministers, MPs and MMDCEs join, but I say it is risky to allow buses in a convoy that has other V8 vehicles,” he cautioned.

Mr Mba was speaking on the impact of the convoy reduction and transporting officials in one bus indicated that “although it might cut down cost, let us also look at the security risk placed on our officials, knowing that we have very bad roads especially in the regions.

“That can easily be practised in the cities to reduce traffic jams and save cost, but in the rural areas, where the President will need to speed to cover so many communities in a day, it will be unworkable,” Mr Mba stressed.

During his recent five-day visit to the Ashanti Region, President Nana Akufo-Addo’s convoy was drastically reduced compared to previous occurrences as the ministers, deputy ministers and MPs who accompanied him were placed in the same State Transport Company bus.

The essence was to reduce the long convoy and save cost as fewer vehicles will subsequently reduce the intake of fuel for the trips.

However Mr Mba pointed out that “it might work well in cities and not in rural communities, where roads were mostly unmemorable although reducing vehicles on convoy is necessary, I do not think the best solution is placing government officials in one bus.

“Rather, the president must put four ministers and MPs in each 4×4 vehicle to ensure uniformity and safety on the roads as buses cannot go at the same pace with the vehicles on untarred roads.

“If we have to reduce cost, it should not be at the compromise of the lives of government officials, let’s try my suggestion and other workable strategies.

“Democracy is expensive and government should either be prepared to face the bull by the horn or device workable and sustainable methods and not the reduction of Presidential convoys.
“Ministers, MPs, MMDCEs and other government appointees can always go in advance to the meeting grounds before the Presidential convoy to reduce the length and save cost,” Mr Mba suggested. –

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