NGO advocates third force governance system

sonnyA social movement has been formed to canvass for support nationwide against the current system of party politics in favour of a duly nationalistic approach to the governance of the country.

Known as Move Ghana, a social youth driven movement, it is determined to pursue the concept of ‘The Third Force’ through innovative, radical and peaceful political action force, ostensibly to unseat the two major political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) which have governed the country since the inception of the Fourth Republic.

A statement issued by Sonny Yenibey Namouz, founding member and advocate of the movement, said the phenomenon had led to economic chaos and apartheid marked by corruption, ineptitude, seeming nonchalance of the  government to the plight of the people.

“Move Ghana would be the third force of political mobilisation to break the monopoly of the NDC and NPP to rally the youth and provide support for an independent presidential candidate to contest the November 7 general election,” it said.

The statement said the candidate to be chosen would be one who ardently shares the convictions and ideals of the movement and shall have no partisan affiliations.

It said in the event where the candidate already has partisan ties, he or she would be required to repudiate such ties beforehand since he shall be one who appeals to Ghanaians and whose leadership abilities are testable.

“Our community based volunteers would be tasked to conduct door-to-door outreach and talk to the people in their various dialects to sensitise them on the need for real change, not a change between the same people,” it said.

The statement explained that the movement’s Independent presidential candidate would pursue social democratic policies, clean up the system, wipe out corruption by setting frightful examples to deter perpetrators, provide meaningful jobs, upgrade the education facilities, broaden the economy and provide equal opportunity for Ghanaians to partake in governance.

“In the new era, every Ghanaian and every Ghanaian community would be treated fairly and equally so that corruption, favouritism, cronyism, ineptitude and all the mediocrity will be things of the past.”


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