New Sports Bill overly delayed—NSA board chm

chairmanChairman of the new board of the National Sports Authority (NSA) Mr. Alhassan Ligbi, said he would put measures in place to ensure that the long awaited Sports Bill is passed as soon as possible.

Mr. Ligbi, speaking at their induction in Accra last Friday said the sports bill which would facilitate an effective management of sports have delayed for far too long, assuring that his administration would work towards its passage.

“The first thing as far as our immediate objectives are concerned is the passage of the Sports Bill which would go a long way to develop sports in the country,” he stated.

The Bill seeks to replace the old system used since 1976 regarding the various aspects of sports management, promotion and development in Ghana and seeks to make it current with international best practices. The chairman also believes that his administration has what it takes to surmount the challenges in sports administration in the country.

“We are aware of the challenges involved as far as sports management in the country is concerned but we would work hard to deliver and develop sports to the highest level,” he stressed.

Mr. Ligbi expressed gratitude to the government for the role, stating that it serves as an opportunity to bring their expertise on board to develop sports in the country.

He added that, the board has already lined up several programmes to develop sports from the grass root level and focused on nurturing talents for the various national teams.

According to him, the revamp of competitive sports in schools is high on the board’s agenda that also seeks to focus on youth sports development to the highest level.

In all, 11 members including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NSA, Joe Kpengey were inducted as board members for tenure of four years.

By Michael D. Abayateye

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