New odikro for Abutia Teti

odikroThe paramount chief of Abutia Traditional Area, Togbega Abutia Kodzo Gidi V, has tasked the new Odikro of Abutia Teti, Togbe Okai Debrah III, to  be a development-oriented  leader that will support the Traditional Council in its development agenda.

He said “even though the people are looking for good leadership, we must not forget about our efforts to lobby for development for our communities.

Togbega Gidi made the request at the installation and outdooring of Togbe Okai Debrah III as Odikro of Abutia –Teti, in the Ho West District.

He was jointly outdoored with Mama Awude Akua I, queen mother of the Axor clan as the first queen for the area.

The 56-year-old accountant of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHAPOHA) is known in private life as Mr. Victor Yao Asempapa Wogbemase.

The ceremony, which took place on Wednesday at the forecourt of the palace, was attended by chiefs from the traditional area and a large crowd including workers of GHAPOHA.

Swearing his oath to the paramount chief, Togbe Okai Debrah III, thanked the king makers for selecting him to serve them, assuring that he will always be on top of his job.

He said he was committed to providing the inspired leadership to lift the image of the clan and help in the development of Teti and Abutia as a whole.

He called on the youth to take their education seriously so that in future they could contribute to the development of the area.

From Kafui Gati, Abutia Teti



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