New districts for better decentralisation

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has sent a Legislative Instrument to Parliament proposing to establish new municipalities and districts.

There is no doubt that this has become necessary because of growing population in various parts of the country. As population grows, it becomes difficult to manage administrative units in a way that helps to satisfy the needs of people in an area.

It is for this reason that as population increases, old administrative areas are sub-divided into units and made to occupy different levels depending on the status to be accorded. Thus, whereas some areas are given metropolitan status, others are graded as municipalities and districts.

Currently, the Local Government Ministry has found it necessary to propose new municipalities and districts. The proposed areas are to take their own destiny into their hands and, use resources available to them to plan their own development schedules geared towards fulfilling the developmental aspirations of residents in the area.

One good thing about the creation of new administrative areas within a country is that it helps to enhance the decentralisation process and thereby devolve power from the centre to the periphery. This arrangement where devolution of power is encouraged helps to create semi-autonomous situations under which different areas in the country are allowed to take up challenges facing them and strive to overcome them.

The development of a country cannot come from one centre, that is, the national capital where the government is often located. Thus, it is essential that power is distributed to various parts of the country to accelerate socio-economic development.

Apart from allowing different units of the country undertaking their own developmental agenda, it also helps various administrative units in the country to identify their own priority areas in line with the interest of residents in such an area. As each area plans its own development, based on its own priority areas, the entire country is able to move along the general path of development in the way expected.

It is in the light of this that the Ghanaian Times believes current proposal by the Local Government Ministry is most welcome, especially at this time when we need to accelerate the pace of development in different parts of the country.

Under the proposal, new administrative units are to be created. However, whereas some will be upgraded to municipalities, others will serve as newly-created districts to throw in fresh challenges to those who dwell in them to take up the mantle and rally behind their leaders for the attainment of developmental goals needed in such areas.

As new local government areas are created, we must find a way of challenging them to aspire to do better than other existing ones. This should be done in a non-aggressive, non-confrontational manner so that each Assembly will concern itself with focusing on what is best for its people.

When this is done, there will be positive competition among them to utilise the resources they have in a manner that will be the envy of all Ghanaians – ultimately benefiting the nation as a whole.

The Ghanaian Times, therefore, proposes the institution of a sort of competition among all the Assemblies to let them strive hard not only for their respective areas, but for the entire nation. This is possible – which is why we must all pursue it to achieve the desired result.




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