New B.A coach accuses players of betting away their forturns

GrgNEW BA United coach Mohammed Gargo has accused his players of betting away the fortunes of the club.

The Apostles of Power Soccer were handed their seventh defeat of the season at home by Wa All Stars on Sunday.

The 2-1 defeat deepens the woes of the club despite the numerous changes being made by club CEO Roy Arthur to improve the fortunes of the club.

But speaking to the press after the game, Mohammed Gargo was emphatic in saying his players in involved in sports betting, something which he says has accounted for the poor performance of the club in the league campaign.

“How can you improve the team when players are involved in Safari betting and have taken monies to lose a game? You can bring Mourinho but if the betting does not stop even he cannot help this club.”

Asked how he got that kind of information, Gargo climed that supporters of the club confided in him and spilled the beans to him.

He also claims that supporters of the club stormed the dressing room of BA United and threatened to beat up the players for taking bets to lose the game.

It is yet to be seen if the GFA would pick up the matter and investigate it.

BA United remain rooted at the bottom of the First Capital Plus League with a paltry seven points from nine matches.

Gargo says the club is certain for demotion unless his players are prevented from their heavy involvement in betting games.

“What is happening here, I don’t think it’s a technical problem,” he said.

“I am really disappointed in the players attitude towards this game.

“There have been a whole lot of rumour of the players partaking in this football betting thing to the extent that the bet for the club to lose.

“This is something some of the key supporters came to tell us and it is very worrying.

* Acting General Secretary of the Ghana FA,Emmanuel Gyimah will leave his post in June.

Gyimah has been acting as the General Secretary of the GFA since the departure of long-serving Kofi Nsiah after the 2006 World Cup – Ghana’s maiden participation at the finals.

The Ghana FA however now intends to make a substantive appointment this June.

The reserved scribe is famous for his meticulous preparation and delivery of progress reports and many other documents especially for Congress.

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