New AIBA Ranking System Out

Britain Commonwealth GamesRanking points for both  men’s and women’s competitions will now be awarded for continental multi-sport Games, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has announced.

The move comes into effect at next month’s Asian Games in Incheon, which is due to take place from September 19 to October 4.

The announcement will also be welcomed by organisers of next year’s inaugural European Games being held in Baku.

The new ranking system was approved at the AIBA Executive Committee meeting which took place in Istanbul last month.

AIBA executive director Ho Kim informed all member associations of the changes in a letter on Tuesday.

The Olympic Games will provide the highest number of ranking points in both the men’s and women’s competitions with 1,300 going to the winner in each category, 900 to second, 750 to third and fourth and 600 to fifth.

In both the men’s and women’s World Championships each gold medallist will pick 1,200 ranking points while 800 will go to second, 650 to third and fourth with fifth being awarded 500.

Continental multi-sports Games will now see 700 ranking points awarded to each winner, 500 to the runners-up, 350 to bronze medallists, with fifth place finishers picking 250.

AIBA Continental Boxing Championships will award 500 points to each winner, 400 to second, 300 to third and fourth and 200 to those finishing in fifth place.

In addition, athletes finishing from sixth down to 10th will be awarded ranking points in the men’s competitions ranging from 550 to 100 at the Olympic Games, 450 down to 90 at World Championships and 200 down to 10 at Continental Multi-Sports Games. At AIBA Continental Boxing Championships male boxers will be awarded 150 points for a sixth place finish, 100 for seventh, 50 for eighth and 20 for ninth. No points will be awarded for 10th.


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