Nestle Ghana marked World Milk Day with a media workshop

A nutrition workshop for the media to mark the World Milk Day has been held by Nestle Ghana under the theme “Good Food, Health and Nutrition-Realising the Goodness of Milk at all Stages of Life.”

The event held last week was also aimed at drumming home the need for the consumption of milk as it remains a key diary product contributing to the nutritional benefits of individuals and families across the world.

Participants at the workshop were taking through the essence of milk at all stages in life as well as products that suits a particular period in human growth.

Speaking during the workshop on the importance of milk in everyday nutrition, a lecturer at the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Ghana, Dr Nii Lante Amissah encouraged participants to promote milk consumption across the country.

According to him, inadequate intake of nutrients, such as calcium, leads to weakening the bones, thus increasing the risk of fractures later in life, particularly in women.

He said, the regular consumption of dairy products including milk, could help prevent diseases and ensure good health at all stages of life.

“Milk includes quality protein and all the essential amino acids needed for growth. We should promote milk consumption at all stages of life,” he stated.

Managing Director of Nestle, Freda Duplan said the outfit had a responsibility to engage stakeholders and share nutrition knowledge to help them to make better food choices for their growth and wellbeing.

“As a nutrition health and wellness company, sharing nutrition knowledge is of paramount importance to us. It is in fulfillment of our purpose of ‘Enhancing Quality of Life and Contributing to a Healthier Future’,” she stated.

In commemoration of the World Milk Day, she reaffirmed Nestle’s commitment to micronutrient fortification and their ambition to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030.

Other speakers on the day also highlighted the essence of milk consumption and encouraged the public to inculcate such in their homes.

According to the International Day Federation, Milk is a good source of calcium, protein and essential nutrients such as phosphorus contributing to over one billion livelihoods on dairy farms economically.

As part of the workshop, a Milk Recipe Cooking Competition was held to encourage participants to lead healthier lives by cooking easy meals with milk.






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