Need for President to declare Ghana’s stand on same sex marriage

President John Mahama

President John Mahama

Dear Sir,

We of EL-VATT Association, a multi-tribal grassroots think-tank, sympathetic to the course of the development agenda of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, have been following recent developments in the country with a heavy heart, as people from other political parties, including those sitting on the fence turn the NDC government into a punching bag over same sex marriage rights.

Undoubtedly, the homosexual menace is leading the human race into the gorge of destruction faster than we have thought.

With a 62.07-37.93 per cent Yes or No vote win in a referendum in Ireland on 22nd May, 2015, legalising same sex marriage in that country, and the ruling by the Supreme Court of the USA on June 26, 2015, which also legalised same sex marriage, we wonder how worse the homosexual menace would be in the near future.

After the historic ruling that shocked the entire world, African and Asian leaders have joined other leaders in condemning same sex marriage, but Ghanaians are yet to hear the views of President John Mahama on the issue.

Mr. President, we of EL-VATT think that it is about time you stepped out to communicate your thoughts on the ruling that is being considered as unbiblical, unchristian and the worse of all, an affront to African culture.

It must be stated that the USA is the 21st most populous country, and for the country to permit same sex marriage, it is only a matter of time and the entire world would be drawn into gay and lesbian practices, that can result in the type of destruction that befell Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible.

President John Mahama, we are aware that the late President John Atta Mills, your predecessor, stood his grounds and told the Western world that his government would not go against the wishes of the people by endorsing the practice of homosexuality, which is an act against Ghanaian culture and norms, hence we are urging you to do same.

We believe that, if you should say something on this matter, it would go a long way for Ghanaians to know whether you support their position, and that of your predecessor’s stance or against it. This, we think, can probably end the unnecessary attacks on the presidency.

President, we are all aware of the fact that the act of homosexuality is sinful and barbaric and must not be countenanced in the country.

This detestable and abominable act if passed into law in Ghana will bring the wrath of God upon the nation, and the consequences would be horrendous. We have our laws in place already and we must go by them than to try and forcibly enact a law that has the potential of destroying our moral fiber.

The practice of homosexuality is alien to the Ghanaian culture and we must all resist the imposition of alien cultures in the name of human rights.

Ghanaian customs frown on gay and lesbian practices and people who engage in such acts are banished from society. No religion in Ghana, be it Christian, Islamic or traditional condones the act and so we must continue to guard against such ‘filthy’ act in society.

We have also gotten wind of the fact that a large number of Ghanaians are saying that any politician who supports homosexuality should not be put into office because that would incur the wrath of God upon the nation. Reports available to us indicate the above statement is spreading very fast and more and more people are supporting it. This we think could probably demean our chances in the next election if nothing is done about it.

Mr President, we think that the outright disapproval of the act by the Christian Council of Ghana and Muslim groups on separate occasions should give you enough courage to come out clear on the matter.

In May this year, the Daily Graphic reported that eight thousand homosexuals had been registered by non-governmental organisations in the Western and Central regions, with majority of them infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS.

First ever gay wedding in Ghana was allegedly held at Ghana Private Road Transport Union office in Kumasi.

The dangerous aspect of homosexuals in this country is that, young girls and boys professed to be the future leaders of this country, are their main targets.

We, once again, call the President to declare Ghana’s stand on gay and lesbian practices.

Reverend Martin Vanderpuye

(Chairman/Life Patron,

EL-VATT Association)

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