NDI: Maintain reputation in democratic governance

carsonMr Johnnie Carson, co-chair of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), an international observer mission to Election 2016, has stated that Ghana has set excellent examples in democratic governance over the past few decades that are worth maintaining.

“Over the last 25 years, Ghana has built an extra-ordinary reputation as a beacon of democratic governance, with respect to successful transfer of political power,” he said.

Mr Carson was speaking at a media briefing on Friday in Accra, concerning the findings and conclusions of NDI, on Ghana’s 2016 elections.

He continued: “You have examples that we would like to see not only in Africa, but in other parts of the world as well.”

Mr Carson said the poll had been carried out successfully.

He said the role of civil society, the media, the security services, the electorate and all other stakeholders had been very impressive by NDI’s observation.




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