‘NDC won’t take electorate for granted’

Koku AnyidohuThe National Democratic Congress (NDC), has pledged to fulfill all promises it made to the electorate during the 2012 general election campaign.

The party also stated that it would not disappoint the majority of Ghanaians, who voted it into power in the last elections.

The NDC’ s Deputy General Secretary, Koku Anyidoho in an interview with Citi News in Accra, said the government would under no circumstance take the electorate for granted.

He said the government was working to ease the economic burden on the people, especially, the power crisis, which was crippling many businesses.

Mr Anyidoho said: “You promised certain things, you campaigned on a manifesto and you have power; you don’t take the electorate for granted. It’s as simple as that!”

According to him, it was dangerous for any political party to take the electorate for granted because they wielded the power to either kick the government out of office.

Mr Anyidono pointed out that the voting public “can decide that out of apathy and out of disrespect for them, they will not come out and support any party. They will not vote for the opponent but also not vote for you”.

The Mahama-led administration is under pressure to deliver the many promises it made to Ghanaians during the 2012 campaign.

Some people have threatened to vote the NDC out of power because of the party’s inability to resolve the socio-economic challenges facing the nation. citifmonline.

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